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What is XLS File

You can open XLS file using Microsoft Excel application. Microsoft Excel is similar to other spread sheet applications that can store information that can be edited and viewed on several platforms. You can run Microsoft Excel and open XLS files on Mac and Windows through installed Microsoft Office applications.

XLS files can contain information similar to a database. It may also contain graphs, formulas, images, and charts essential for presenting reports. Data are stored in rows and columns bearing unique identification such as A1 for cell number under column 1 and row 1.

For Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003 to open XLS files created with earlier versions, an appropriate compatibility pack is required to be installed to replace Excel Viewer 97 and other previous versions.

Earlier versions of the Microsoft Excel applications allowed users to attached macros to the file making it vulnerable to virus and worms. This option was terminated with the release of the Microsoft Excel 2003 version and file association was changed to XMLSS to adhere to the open standard.

Google Documents and Zoho Viewer are two online applications that can open XLS files, but without the capability of editing. However, despite the limitations on the online applications, OpenOffice.org can open XLS file, render it and allow the user to save and edit it. Standard Microsoft Office Excel and Excel Viewers are two applications designed for viewing and edit xls files.

Similar file extensions

    • DOC file - Microsoft Word document format
    • ODT file - Open Office document format
    • DOCX file - Microsoft Word 2007 document format
    • PDF file - Adobe Portable Document Format


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