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Microsoft Excel File Extensions

Below is a list of all spreadsheet file extensions currently supported by Excel:

  • XLSX - Office Open XML file format. XLSX file is a compressed file with multiple XML parts located in several subfolders. XLSX file can also contain other types of content like images.
  • XLSM - Same file format as XLSX but with Macros enabled by default. Be cautions when opening files with XLSM file extension because they may contain malicious code.
  • XLSB - XLSB files are based on the same file specification as XLSX but data inside them is stored in binary format which may improve performance in certain cases.
  • XLTM - Office Open Macro-Enabled Template File.
  • XLAM - Excel add-on file
  • XLS - CFBF based binary file format. Was main file format for Excel until Excel 2007.
  • XLA - VBA add-in for Excel
  • XLB - Microsoft Excel custom toolbar settings file
  • XLC - File with Excel Chart only. Source data used to create the chart is not saved in this file format.
  • XLL - Microsoft Excel add-in in portable executable format. Similar to DLL file.
  • XLM - Microsoft Excel macros file.
  • XLT - Microsoft Excel template file.
  • XLV - Microsoft Visual Basic module file for Microsoft Excel
  • XLW - Workspace arrangement settings file for Microsoft Excel
  • ODT - OpenDocument file format
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